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3 comments on “Photos

  1. hello!
    these pictures are amazing…and your adventures sound like fun – both sport and mom.

    I’m in Kelowna, British Columbia at the moment. The weather is outstanding.

    Will send you a longer mail soon – just a quick one to say that your site looks great!


  2. sari – website looks great! you are an inspiration not only to female athletes but to all out there who want to follow their dreams!!!!!

  3. Sari – What a beautiful site full of great information. It really looks like you have done many exciting and adventures things. I have done extreme sports for many years and often wonder how people like you can get so great photos? What camera do you use or is it professionals taking those pictures? I have spend way to much time to find the right camcorder but still pictures I have not found the right solution so far maybe you can help! Thank you in advance.

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