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  1. Best Wishes!! It must be a most auspicious sign when your luggage and gear all arrives! We’ll be rooting for you? Do these races ever get on television? I’d love to show my grandsons what you do. Love, Susan

  2. Sari,
    It was cool running into you at the lap lanes at the GWS rec. center. Hopefully I can get Mike Tobins (sp) contact info from you. As the days are getting shorter, i will be getting out for some local night rides…either at Forest Hollow/Boy Scout or Prince Creek. Let me know if you are interested. Its a small town, we’ll probably bump into one another on the trails or in the pool.


    Nathan Torres

  3. Hello, my name is Heidi Ahrens and I live in Carbondale on the Western Slope of the Colorado Rockies. http://www.outdoorbaby.net is a website that I started six months ago for families who enjoy the outdoors. It is a free information sharing site for parents to get advice and post ideas on how to proceed in the outdoors with their children. Many parents may need extra information on how to bring their children outside and some families may have important information to share with other families that need support to step into the natural world.
    I am looking for partners to help me continue this important free service to families. I would be honored if you would post some of your questions, thoughts or tips on the website. If you are interested in publishing any of my writing on your website or in your publication, please let me know. http://www.outdoorbaby.net also has an affordable advertisement section as well as badges available to display on other sites.
    As an educator I believe that we have a responsibility to start to reintroduce the awe of the natural world into our lives. Please take the time to browse through http://www.outdoorbaby.net and encourage others to visit the site and share their stories, tips, tricks and questions.
    Thank you, Heidi Ahrens
    P.S. – The Sierra Club featured the site on August 6, 2008 which can be accessed at http://sierraclub.typepad.com/scrapbook/. You can also see me give an interview about the site on Plum TV on August 12th, 2008 at http://aspen.plumtv.com/node/6025

  4. Dear Sari,
    We met at Karyn Simmons’ Halloween party. My husband is trying to convince me to do the Grand Traverse- I was searching the internet for posts on how to train for such an event and came upon your website- would you mind if I emailed a few questions about it?


  5. Dear Sari,

    Well done! I met your dad in Chennai,India during your race. He told me about you and your achievements, it was then that I looked up your website. You are amazing. No wonder Terry is so very proud of you. Wish you, your pretty daughter and you husband ” Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year”.


  6. Hey Sari,

    Could you ask Brandon if he is going to be at work on the 19th. His Captain says he is scheduled to work with no one covering his shift.
    Thanks a ton and good luck you guys.

  7. Hi Sari
    My wife and I are passionate triathletes and will be parents today evening.
    We are thinking of buying a Chariot Carrier and I will like to ask you how is wthit the Chariot whit a road bike (not MTB) because I saw a picture of yourself.
    Thank you
    Regards – Talín

    • Talin, I find the Chariot works amazingly well with my road bike. We have logged hundreds of miles with the Chariot and road bike, many on mountain passes. As long as you have the strength or the gearing, you should he able to make it up anything. Enjoy it out there!

  8. Hi Sari,
    I am a mother in Carbondale and I think we’ve met before through Karyn. Your name came up this morning as I was participating in a Mamavist Book Club at Sopris Park.
    I would like to invite you to join Glenwood Moms for Moms, an online forum for mothers to connect, inform, support and inspire one another. The site is a local community resource for mothers. The Glenwood site is part of my larger, Moms for Moms Communities here in the Roaring Fork Valley. The site is by invitation only. If you email me your email address, I can send you an invitation.
    Hope to see you online!

  9. Sari,
    We are looking for a female for the National Championship adventure race -Moab, end of October. We are a team from Durango and have a shot of winning the overall, but our female hurt her knee and is out. Interested? We are fast, not Nike fast, but fast, and would be contending for the overall. Our team is Zia/4car and consists of Brett Sublett, Tom Ober and Rick Callies. Let me know if you are interested in racing with us.
    Rick Callies

  10. Sari,
    I am a Cat 1 MTB racer and ski mountaineer. I am going to start rando racing and have question about the Stratos boots.
    The heel pin pockets are 9mm deep, I am curious if they can be ground deeper to prevent a compression release, or are the fine as they are. Are you using the standard 4mm gap?

    • Hi John-

      Good question. I asked the good folks at La Sportiva and this was their response:

      “Standard 4mm gap is what we recommend for Dynafit and La Sportiva RT bindings. Do not grind the carbon fiber as the layers are extremely thin and it will make them weak!!!! There is a steel reinforcement in the heel pin seating area of the boot and it has a thin carbon fiber layer over it.”

  11. hey. impressive results here in JH as well as over the hill @ the Ghee. Congrats! Next time you’re in town give me a shout and I’ll polish your wedding rings. My regards to Ian!

    • JK, great to hear from you. Bummed I missed you. Will definitely let you know next time I make it up your way.

  12. Sari-
    As an athlete and a new mom I thought I would ask you a rather personal question. I have the ok to get back into training. I am breastfeeding. Did you breast feed both your babies while training? If so how hard could you train & what was your food consumption to keep your milk supply?

    • Allison,
      Yes, I breastfed both kids. The first for 14 months and am still nursing Axel and he is almost 14 months. Shortly after having my second child, I spoke with a nutritionist that recommended consuming about 3,500 calories a day which took into consideration wanting to lose baby weight as well as have the energy to train. I honestly never really counted calories but just made sure to eat healthy foods and not let myself go hungry. I’m sure I was close to the 3,500 mark. The biggest thing for me was consuming tons of water to make sure I had enough milk supply for the babies as they were top priority. On average I consumed 100 to 160 ounces per day. As my kids started to eat solid foods and nurse less then I was able to cut back on my calories. It is definitely possible as I know many other elite and non-elite athlete moms doing both.
      Best of luck!

  13. Sari,
    Loved your website. Just loved seeing your face!!! I think of your every New Years Eve(hiking up Piney with Spoke when I was in labor with Roger.) If you are ever in Southern Calif. come see us. Loved the picture of you with the kids.

  14. Hi Sari – I am the event producer for Outside in Aspen, June 8-10 presented by Outside Magazine. Outside would like to invite you as a featured pro athlete for the event. Please contact me if you are available and interested in more details. Thanks! Deb Doyle

  15. Hi Sari,
    Was great to meet you in Zermatt and have a little talk. What a race this “Patrouille des Glaciers” and hope you’re happy with your race. Shame we’d to stop in Arolla, but that’s “Mother Natur” ;-). We (Séverine and me Nicolas) were both very happy with our race, the girls still won the race and enjoyed a lot this first part.
    Congratulation for your website, just great and very well done. I’m impressed to see all what you do and how much love you give to your children. Fantastic ! We’ve as well a little Lily, 2 years and 4 month old, so much fun with her !
    Don’t hesitate to contact us if you come back, would be a pleasure to see you. And I hope to bring Sèv and Lily one day in Colorado, been there already twice for mountain biking (as well in Moab) and running and I love your place !
    All the best to you, to your family and “gros bisous” to you all from Switzerland
    Nicolas & Séverine Pont Combe

  16. Hi Sari, I am organizing the 30 year reunion for Women Smokejumpers in Missoula, MT this November. We are looking for a few elite female athletes to speak at our event. Many of our women have been or are currently elite athletes in various sports and you could bring what we do into a wider context. To boot, Missoula is full of mountain biking and running in the beautiful mountains of Western Montana. If you think you could do this or if you would like more information about our event please contact me. Thanks and congratulations of your recent successes.

  17. Sari,
    I love following your blog, I just wish you can update your race schedule, so we can know where to look for you!
    BTW if you hold the title to both ultimate mountain challenge, doesn’t it make you ultimate ultimate champion? 🙂

    • Thanks Arik. And thanks for the reminder to update the schedule. Next up is the Firecracker 50. My husband and I will be splitting the race and handing off the kids.

      • Hey Sari, it’s Gordon Wright at OutsidePR — hope you remember me from my time as media director for Primal Quest. I’m hoping you can give me a shout (gordon at outsidepr dot com) — we have a client that has a sponsorship opportunity I think you’d like to hear about. Cheers!

  18. Hi Sari- I’m glad to hear you are feeling better on the GF diet… it’s a good one! I’m also glad to see Acli-Mate® on your list of preferred products!
    I hope your season continues with more successes!

  19. I’ve been hired by the City of Aspen to produce a “History of Uphilling” video in conjunction with the Aspen Uphill Festival on Feb 28. I wanted to see if you and Kir would want to do an interview discussing the growing popularity of the uphill movement. Can you email me at chris@fusemedia.tv or call 970-309-6213.

    Chris Macdonald

  20. hi Sara,

    i was curious to know what the brand is for the red sand gaiters that you have shown here. you mentioned it would be a task to get them, were you able to secure a pair and if so how did they work out for you. I would love to have these for my event coming up this year.

    Dianna Beckerman

    • I don’t remember what brand they were. I ended up using a cycling bootie meant for time trials. I used double sided tape to hold them down around the shoe. It worked well but I know there are gaiters meant for this like the ones used in the Marathon des Sables.

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