2 comments on “A 12-Hour Tummy Test

  1. Congrats on another podium, Sari! While I can’t relate to the level of your accomplishments, I can sympathize with the stomach distress during endurance training. I went through a very similar situation last year before Ironman Lake Placid. After much testing and experimenting, turns out I have a gluten sensitivity and am allergic to casein in milk. I was literally making myself sick by carbing up with regular pasta and downing greek yogurt and dairy-based protein smoothies. Since becoming g- and dairy-free, the tummy issues have disappeared and my energy has greatly increased. I rely on Stinger and Clif Shot gels, Lara bars and rice cakes with PB for training and racing, but REALLY miss those Stinger waffles! Dang those are awesome. Maybe you can put in a word over there to start working on a gluten-free version…. ! Being a g-free endurance athlete definitely provides more challenges, but the alternative isn’t an option anymore. Thanks for sharing your experience. Hopefully the more rock star athletes like you that give it attention, the more options we’ll have!

  2. Congrats Sari! I didn’t want to join in what seemed to be the “gluten-free trend” but since I was desperate I did it as well and it’s amazing the difference. Being on the Honey Stinger Hive I am also sad I can’t consume the waffles but I am thankful for their chews and gels (maybe we can persuade them to do a GF waffle in the future). Love hearing your racing stories and have been a fan for a while!

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