One comment on “Best. Riding shorts. Ever.

  1. such cute shorts sari! congratulations on your amazing finishes at the teva games & bailey hundo! just want to echo your comments on ashley, founder of shredly. we met at teva games & briefly discussed starting up women’s cycling businesses (i’ve been trying to get a few bike dresses produced here in steamboat) in between the post-race coughing up a lung. she was so sweet & offered her wealth of knowledge in the apparel design area to me (a newcomer to the industry)…such a rare experience in the very competitive industry of fashion! look forward to seeing more pieces from shredly. hope we can both provide some new & different bike wear options to all of our sista shredders!

    ps: love the lampre model! i’ve had that same picture stuck up near my computer next to one of my bike dress pictures for the past year to remind me to keep working for better cycling attire.

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