2 comments on “Final Thoughts on the AR World Champs

  1. Sari you are an unbelievable inspiration for so many of us!
    I continuously find motivation from reading your blog posts (for perhaps 3years now), hearing about your triumphs & defeats. It’s humbling to know what elite/professional athletes feel as they compete during their races & what you learn coming out of them. Thank you for sharing & being such a motivation for myself & I imagine many others. I can definitely relate, on a small scale, to your race & having to quit, but I’m sure it is making you much stronger already & perhaps you have learned some new tactics as well! I hope to see you at a race & be cheering you on from the sidelines! I’m sorry to hear of the defeat, but congrats on the amount of effort & determination you put in the race. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family as well!
    With Kind Regards,

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