3 comments on “Good Start to the 2011 Race Season

  1. Hi Sari,

    I came across your blog as I am preparing for the skimo season ahead. I’ll try to make it out to a few races in CO and UT this season.

    One question, now that you have been skiing your Merelli skis for a few seasons, what are your review comments? They are narrower and far less sidecut than their La Sportiva, Dynafit, and Trab race counterparts. How does this change energy efficiency for skinning and control/speed on the descents? Would you mind sharing the lengths of the different race/touring skis in your quiver?

    Thank you and hope to meet you at the races this season.


    • Robin,
      I skied on the Merelli skis for one season but have been on the La Sportiva skis since then. I did not have the super race ski but their all around ski. I don’t have the skis anymore and I can’t remember the model name right now. They were longer (170cm) than most race skis but I didn’t notice any energy efficiency difference or lack of control on the descents. My Sportiva skis are 160cm and definitely softer. Unfortunately, I am not super techy on these things so I don’t have a super helpful answer for you. Sorry.
      Love to see new faces at the races and already looking forward to the skimo races this winter.
      All my best,

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