4 comments on “New Shoes, Fun Trails & Great Friends

  1. Nice to see some other runners out there on the MTB trails :). BTW, you may already know this, but there are also some great running trails in the Devils, Pollock and Rattlesnake Canyons just east of Kokopelli that are only open to foot traffic. They are some of my favorites. Also a nice 16 mile in the Monument – up Monument Canyon, CCC trail and then down Liberty Cap. Enjoy!

  2. Hi there,

    Would like to know how you are finding the Newton Trail Shoes. Am thinking of getting some but I’ve seen some reviews that say they are not good on technical trails or descents. What is your experience?


    • Hi Helen,
      I have worn the Newton trail shoes on both roads and very technical (rocky, rooty, slippery) and thought they were great. They have been very stable for my weak ankles that tend to roll at the thought of something slightly awry. If you like the road shoes, try them out on a short descent and see what you think.

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