2 comments on “Busy Times

  1. Sari, I get amazed every time you post these articles. I have a daughter 1 year old and just with one kid I find it hard to have all the loose ends meet up and catch up on the missing training and I feel bad every time I have to cut out a training session.

    You must do some serious planning to get everything to work out. i have looked around in here to see if I could find out how much training you actually do in a week just to motivate my self to get a bit more done!

    Hope you will blot a bit about the brainstorm on products…

    Thank you for a great blog.


    • Hi Carla,
      Thanks for reading and I hope to continue to inspire moms and dads to continue to get out and exercise once they have kids. Good point, I think I need to post something about total hours trained in a typical week. Quickly, since Axel is only 10 weeks old, I am typically getting out about 7 to 10 hours per week. I hope to increase that amount each week but we’ll have to see how it goes. Yes, tons of planning and logitics with my husband and friends regarding watching the kids, nursing and work. While Axel is not really on a schedule, I’m not getting out before my husband leaves for work so I’m taking the kids with me on runs during the day and then riding in the evening. It takes a committment from everyone involved but once you’re on the schdule, it is not bad and well worth the effort. And don’t worry about missing a training session, it happens to all of us. Your family is top priority and then just make the next session a quality one!

      Good luck and keep getting out here! Let me know if I can answer more questions.


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