6 comments on “XTERRA Worlds

  1. Congrats on finishing, sorry it wasn’t what you’d hoped for… but I’m sure you’ve learned something for next year.

    So what’s the deal with the speed suits? They are legal? But wet suits aren’t? I wonder how much they help with floatation… I thought that’s why you aren’t allowed to wear wet suits in warm water… because they were too much of an aide to floatation.

    Anyway… all in all! Good job! Certainly you’re an inspiration to athletes (and moms) everywhere!

  2. Nice job anyway!
    I’d love to get some laps in with you this winter because I’m now motivated to do an Xterra race next year…

  3. You’re so awesome! 15th is pretty damn good at the Xterra Worlds. The competition is fierce, the swim is hard and you’re an amazing mom. I don’t know how you do it!

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