6 comments on “Day 2 – Not Any Better

  1. Boo,
    You’re putting in a hell of an effort – it’s out of your hands that you got so sick. Take care of yourself and try to enjoy what you can of the experience, even if it’s looking at the scenery or being surrounded by supportive teammates. Hopefully you’ll feel all better by tomorrow!
    Love ya – Sarah

  2. Ooooh Sari!
    I am sooo sorry~ I am sure you are frustrated! You are so incredibly tough to be hanging in like you are… Hopefully this bug goes away NOW!
    I am glad the guys are being so supportive, know that you all have a lot of people cheering for you back home.

  3. Hey Mrs. Anderson- Sorry to hear you have been ill, and hope you are feeling better now! Know we are all routing for you- You can do it! Go Team Nike!!!

  4. Hi Babe,
    I’m so sorry you’re so sick -are you okay? Is it the food or a bug?
    Please take care – I know you’re totally frustrated, but what can you do!
    We love you – can’t wait to talk to you.

  5. Sari,
    You are an amazing person and I know you can hang tough with this if anyone can!! You take care and know that we are all thinking about you and cheering for you.
    Feel better soon, linda

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